Network Resilience/Fault Tolerance

GPU.Net holds the ability to maintain its functionality, performance, and integrity in the face of various challenges, disruptions, or failures including challenges such as hardware failures, software errors, cyberattacks, natural disasters, and even deliberate sabotage.

These are some of the key components GPU.Net houses:

  1. Redundancy: has access to backup components, pathways, and systems that can take over when primary elements fail.

  2. Fault tolerance: GPU.Net has the ability to detect and respond to faults/failures without interruption in the services.

  3. Scalability: GPU.Net is designed to scale in numerous directions in order to accommodate changes in traffic, usage, or the addition of new devices. This scalability ensures that the network can adapt to changing demands.

  4. Distributed architecture: GPU.Net’s resources are distributed across multiple nodes and tend to be more resilient. In case one part of the network is affected, other parts of the network can function normally.

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