FHE (Fully Homomorphic Encryption)

FHE Enables the following.

  • Data access restriction to third parties / full anonymity.

  • Ultra high scalability.

  • For providers; superior earning potential.

GPU.NET is the world's first FHE enabled GPU Network.

Being home to some of the finest Web2/Web3 veterans, GPU.Net is the first ever decentralized network to crack FHE within the web3 industry. GPU.Net was able to master FHE by compiling several years of expertise in generative AI (Brahm GAN) and research collaboration with technology giants.

Proprietary Cloud is the future

Public, private, communal, hybrid, and other kinds of cloud computing have emerged as a result of cloud computing.

However, security, operation and maintenance, cost, and other cloud-related issues are of greater importance to the government, financial, and other sectors. Industry, academia, and other groups have started frontier investigation in this direction, giving various answers.

In order to meet the surging user demands we have developed a new model that blends the benefits of public and private clouds in order to satisfy consumers' new demands. Proprietary cloud incorporates years of knowledge from public cloud providers to give consumers more effective administration.

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